Reitstiefel Kempkens


Service information about your bespoke shoes

Satisfaction guarantee

If, despite all our efforts, something is not as you had imagined it would be, or if the fit of the product doesn't completely satisfy you, contact us straight away, we have some tips which may help, and we will be glad to advise you. If, after that, the problem is still not resolved, simply return the product to us, and after consultation with you, we will, of course, in accordance with your wishes, alter it free of charge.

Some background information ...

The manufacture of riding boots marks the beginning of our history, which began over 100 years ago and is rich in tradition.

Since this time, the methods for the manufacture of bespoke footwear have changed, but what is required is still skilled craftsmanship, expertise and patience. Even today, we use the same tools as our forefathers for handling and working the leather, an entirely natural material.
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