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Taking correct measurements

A few introductory words

Do take your time when measuring, because the measurements you give us form the basis for a perfectly fitted boot.

The measurements should be taken with the tape measure slightly tensed over stockings, for riding boots over the breeches.

Ideally, find a person to assist you in taking your precise measurements. It saves you unnecessary twisting and minimises possible mistakes.

If, despite our detailed measuring instructions, you still have questions or are unclear about anything, let us know.

Detailed measuring instructions

The following information is intended to help you take measurements. At the end of these instructions, we offer you various formats to download or print out these measuring instructions.

This allows you to take your measurements in comfort and without time pressure, and to enter them into our database later. You can also send them at any time by Fax, E-Mail (you need a scanner for the foot outline) or by post.

It is important for us to have a drawing of your foot outline , so we can see what size your feet are.

To make boots with a perfect fit, we need the following details:

  • Shoe size
  • Foot outline drawing
  • Ankle
  • Ball
  • Instep
  • Heel
  • Calf
  • Leg length
  • Boot top

If you print out this page, please use the table on the right-hand side to make a note of your measurements.

Measurement: Designator: left: right: 
Shoe size L - M
Ankle P - Q cm cm
Ball J - K cm cm
Instep G - H cm cm
Heel E - F cm cm
Calf C - D cm cm
Boot top N - O cm cm
Leg length A - B cm cm

Shoe size

Give your exact shoe size. If your shoe size is different for the left or right foot, please indicate them both.

Foot outline drawing

To make an outline of your foot, please place your foot on a sheet of paper and draw with a VERTICALLY held pencil around the whole foot. Please repeat this with your other foot, and send us both these outlines with your personal details. We ask you to send us the foot ouline by post and not by fax, since some types of fax distort the image, which then makes it impossible to get an exact size!

Ankle measurement

The ankle measurement is measured over the widest point of your ankle.


Place your foot on the tape measure and now guide the tape measure around your foot and measure the circumference of your ball.


You measure the instep in the middle of your foot, that is precisely between the ball and heel measurement.


The heel measurement is taken exactly from the heel around the whole foot. Put your heel on the tape measure to hold it in place!


Please take the calf measurement exactly on the widest point of your calf.

Leg length

Measure the leg length on the rear of the leg while standing. Do not measure the leg length too short, because the boot tends to compress slightly.

Boot top

Measure the boot top exactly in the hollow of the knee.

Congratulations, you should now have learned everything you need to know about 'correct measuring'. If you are unclear about anything, please contact us.

If you now want to take your measurements, you should print out these measuring instructions.

You then need the measuring sheet so that you enter the information in all the right places. The measuring sheet is available as a pdf file and can be read and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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