Reitstiefel Kempkens


On our homepage, we want to give you the opportunity to find out about us, our products and our service at your leisure.

Our Products

Custom-made work

Reitstiefel nach Maß

Our boots and custom-made shoes are handmade according to your individual requirements with a lot of experience, patience and skill.

Selected components

Ausgewählte Komponenten

We place great importance on the leather selection and check it for suppleness, strength, flexibility and possible errors.

Large selection

We offer you a wide selection of different models. You also have the possibility to customize your riding boots by different components.

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Some background information...

The manufacture of riding boots marks the beginning of our history, which began over 100 years ago and is rich in tradition.

Since this time, the methods for the manufacture of bespoke footwear have changed, but what is required is still skilled craftsmanship, expertise and patience. Even today, we use the same tools as our forefathers for handling and working the leather, an entirely natural material.