Quality features

Every shoe or boot is made in pure craftsmanship with lots of experience, patience and skill. Not only our many years of experience make every footwear a high-quality product, but also the materials we use in the production process.

The inner sole (insole)

The middle sole (midsole)

The lining leather

The bottom filling

The shank piece

The outer sole

The Ago method

The machine welt process

The inverted seam process

Take measure

All shoes and boots are custom made. In order to guarantee an optimal fit, the right measure is very important. Of course, we can also take the measure for you. Just make an appointment for this and visit us in Krefeld or come to a tour in your area.

Do you want to measure yourself? Then simply print out the measuring sheet and enter your values. The measuring sheet is available as a pdf file and can be read and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please also note the following instructions "Correct measure".

Correct measuring

Repair service

If one of our products needs to be repaired after a certain time, simply return it to us.

Whether it requires new soles and heels, a replacement zip, a new inside of the leg, a complete new sole bottom or even a complete reworking, we will carry out all the work, as quickly and inexpensively as possible in our master craftsmen's workshop.

We will be very pleased to provide a rough estimate by telephone, but cannot give you the exact price until we have seen your boots or shoes.

Condition of boots after approximately 13 years of hard use

Large hole in the upper leather on the inside of the boot

Patch, poorly produced by a third party, which caused the rider pressure pains.

Enlargement of the inside of the boot. The leather, which has worn through, can be clearly seen here.

The complete inner leg has been removed from the boot here.

The removed upper leather can once again be clearly seen here.

Insertion of a new inside leg and boot top, which has been carefully, and at the same time, inconspicuously, sewn into the boot.

Afterwards this boot was resoled and reconditioned with a special gloss polish.

Following the repair, the boots were immediately put into use and, with Jeroen Dubbeldam, not only won the Grand Prix of Aachen, but also ensured the Olympic gold medal in Sydney.

Satisfaction guarantee

The manufacture of riding boots marks the beginning of our history, which began over 100 years ago and is rich in tradition.

Since this time, the methods for the manufacture of bespoke footwear have changed, but what is required is still skilled craftsmanship, expertise and patience. Even today, we use the same tools as our forefathers for handling and working the leather, an entirely natural material.

If, despite all our efforts, something is not as you had imagined it would be, or if the fit of the product doesn't completely satisfy you, contact us straight away, we have some tips which may help, and we will be glad to advise you.

If, after that, the problem is still not resolved, simply return the product to us, and after consultation with you, we will, of course, in accordance with your wishes, alter it free of charge.