Dressage Boots

The models




Materials and colors

Upper material

We only use naturally tanned leather in the manufacture of our boots, bootees and half-boots, chaps and shoes. In addition, we place the highest value on the selection of leather. We examine it for suppleness, strength, flexibility and possible faults. As leather is a natural product and we do not sell leather standardized by unnatural colourings, we ask for your understanding where there are small differences in colour. If you would like a colour which you cannot find in our range, let us know, and we will try and get this leather for you. You can have each type of leather either as smooth or suede, whichever you prefer. All types of smooth leather are also available as 'crocodile print'.


dark brown




night blue


dark green






dark grey

(Please take into account that these colours cannot be shown as 'true to colour' on this website, and also depend on your graphic card. This selection only serves to show which colours are possible.)


Lining leather
As lining leather we use soft, very sweat resistant calf leather, which is tanned and processed as naturally as our upper leather. Upon request we can line the inside of the leg, or even the complete inner, with an even softer and thinner leather.

Lambskin lining
We use only genuine lambskin - which guarantees more durability than woven fur. The complete inner of our bootees and half-boots is lined with lambskin. In our boots you have the choice of whether you want to have the complete inner lined with lambskin, or only the outer side. If only the outside of the leg is lined with lambskin, you have the advantage that you essentially have more contact with the horse. The foot part of the lambskin lined boot is always lined completely with lambskin.

More components

In addition to the color and the lining, you can also design many other components to make your own perfect boot. This includes:

  • Zip
  • Lacing
  • Counter & Toe cap
  • Boot tops
  • Hunting straps
  • and much more

Configuration examples

Here are some examples of different configurations of our dressage boots.

  • Grand Prix

    Grand Prix Dressage boot
    leather dark blue with pink piping
    suede leather at the inside
    front cap with small perforation
    karree forma, frame stiched leather sole

  • Grand Prix laced up

    Grand Prix Dressage boot
    laced till top
    colored seams
    black patent leather
    toe cap, karree forma, frame stiched leather sole
    matching our handcrafted spurs strubs and spurs schooner

  • Grand Prix laced

    Grand Prix laced in blackberry with frame-stitched leather sole

  • Grand Prix

    Grand Prix in lacquer leather black, frame-stitched with Swarovski crystals in the back strap and Swarovski logo on the outside.

  • Grand Prix laced

    Grand Prix laced in dark blue with attached fine perforated front cap, dark grey piped, frame-stitched with 3mm rubber sole

  • Grand Prix

    Grand Prix in brown, frame-stitched leather sole with 3mm rubber sole

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