In 1881 , my great-grandfather founded the Shoemaker's Kempkens in Luth.-Kirch-Strasse in Krefeld. My grandfather took it over, and produced riding boots for hussars and soldiers for the first time.

When my father Goswin, also a master shoemaker, and my mother Angelika , took over the business as the 3rd generation, they were both active riders.

The enthusiasm for the sport has continued until today and I, too, am a keen rider.

Many small things contribute to the fact that, over the years, the quality of our riding boots has never deteriorated but has, on the contrary, constantly improved:

  • As active riders, we can always envisage improvements and are able to test them thoroughly ourselves.
  • The close contact with our customers, who constantly give us food for thought and improvements with their suggestions and ideas.
  • ​Thanks to the growing store of accumulated experience, we have been able to optimise the choice of material.
  • In addition, our unique repair service gives us a chance to look at shoes and boots that have had to 'work really hard'.

Since the 1970s, we have taken many snapshots at horse shows ....